The Digital Publishing Revolution

Digital vs Books

Not many years ago people walked out the door and down the sidewalk to the driveway to retrieve the morning newspaper. Once inside they opened the paper as they settled back to enjoy their first morning cup of coffee and read old news from the day and night before. That evening after dinner they’d turn on the television and watch the local news followed by the national and world news.

Then came the digital publishing revolution which changed everything. Today we grab our favorite mobile device and check Facebook to find out what’s up with our friends and family while our first cup of coffee is still brewing, then before we finish that cup of coffee, we are off to our favorite news site to find out what’s going on in the world today.

Today we can get up to the minute news stories any time we want. We can read our favorite authors brand new book on our favorite e-reader or tablet and surf the internet on our mobile phones wherever and whenever we want, provided we can find a good cellular connection which isn’t hard to do in most populated areas today.

Yes, the digital publishing revolution is here and contrary to what some believe it shows no sign of slowing in the near future. Beyond that, it is also leveling the playing field and opening opportunities that did not exist at all even a short time ago.

Today anybody can publish an eBook and distribute it via the internet on several different platforms. Amazon has made publishing a digital version of any book very easy, and they provide everything needed to make your book available on many different devices including they own Kindle and Apples iPad and even your laptop or computer.

Print on demand books bring these same opportunities into the world of physical products, Yes, you can even publish your very own book in print and without the hassle and expense of working with a traditional publisher. Of course, there is a learning curve, and there will be stumbling blocks along the way, plus you’ll need to market your book so people know it’s available and can find and purchase it. Hence a big part of the reason behind developing Digital Age Publishing.

Digital Age Publishing is here to help you navigate through the process from being to end, and we do it without the hassle, and we do it with no up-front cost to the author in fact in many cases we will pay you up-front.

We are currently still building out our training modules and developing our business plan and pricing structure, but we’d love to hear from you and find out about your publishing dreams and aspirations. We’d especially love to hear from you if you’d like to join our team so please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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